July 25, 2017

Voluntary Contributions

Musica VivaNSW Schools ask parents for a financial contribution to assist the school in providing all the resources we would expect or wish our children to enjoy. In 2015, changes have been made to the way these payments are collected at our school. These changes have been discussed with the P&C Association and ensure that finance operations and school operations are compliant with DEC policy and procedures.

From 2015, voluntary contributions are now to be paid to the school. Decisions regarding voluntary contributions must be made by the Principal after discussion and consultation with staff and the school community. Monies will still be put towards student resources and learning.

The Principal will ensure the confidentiality of all matters dealing with individuals and the collection of voluntary school contributions and will be sensitive to family needs and financial circumstances. The school is required to report the amount collected and what it has been used for in our Annual School Report. Further information regarding the DoE Policy and Code of Conduct for the collection of voluntary contributions is available on the DoE website.

The amounts requested for the 2016 are $100 for 1 child and $130 for 2 or more children.

How you can pay:

1. By EFT – click the ‘pay online’ link on our home page

2. At the school office Рcash or cheque (payable to Sutton Public School)