July 25, 2017

Early learning programs

Best Start

The Best Start initiative is an ongoing commitment in all NSW government schools. The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is designed to identify each student’s literacy and numeracy skills and understanding at the beginning of Kindergarten.

Before starting Kindergarten each child begins their Best Start assessment where the teacher works individually with each child to assess knowledge of their skills for starting school.

Best Start is inclusive: all children have the opportunity to participate. The collected information is valuable for the class teacher in getting to know your child their skills and personality for when they begin school.

Daily 5

A new approach to learning literacy is being implemented in Stage 1 classes. The Daily 5 is a series of literacy tasks which students complete daily while the teacher meets with small groups of children or individuals. It is a structure that helps children develop the daily habits of reading and writing and working with peers that will lead to a lifetime of independent literacy.