July 25, 2017


Enrolments are accepted for students entering Kindergarten to Year 6.  To download the Application Form click here.

Our friendly and caring enrolment process allows you many opportunities to spend time in our beautiful school, get closer to our students and teachers, and see for yourself why so many before you have chosen Sutton Primary. This page provides you with information about our enrolment process;

  • Open Day – becoming familiar with the school
  • Making an enrolment
  • Orientation – experiencing school (prospective Kindergarten children)
  • Activity mornings – preparing for Kindergarten
  • School tours

The School asks all parents and families to support the values and positive learning environment of Sutton Primary, the academic and pastoral care programs of the School and the behavioural expectations for their child. Parents will also be encouraged to become involved in school life and be a part of the vibrant ‘school community’.

Making an enrolment

The process of enrolment is a simple one and contacting the school for a discussion or an appointment is usually the first step. If you have not previously been a part of our school community, the Sutton Primary Open Day will provide you with information regarding school programs, staff and facilities. Depending on the age of your child or where you are from, there are different aspects to enroling. See below for which step applies to your child’s circumstances:

  • applying to enrol in Kindergarten?
    please contact the school if you need more information regarding the process or the necessary paperwork to complete.
  • currently enrolled in a NSW public school, and wishing to change schools?
    please contact the school to discuss the enrolment procedures and obtain the necessary paperwork, or any out-of-enrolment area criteria.
  • changing school from a non-government school?
    please contact us to make an appointment to discuss your child’s potential enrolment.
  • the holder of a temporary visa or visitor visa?
    you will first need to apply to enrol by contacting the temporary residents program who will give you forms to bring to the school.
  • your child has a learning difficulty or special need and is applying to enrol in Kindergarten, or wishing to change from a non-government school?
    please contact your local regional office by phoning 131 536. Their student support team will discuss assessment of your child’s needs. Depending on your location and your child’s needs, you may have access to regular classes in regular schools, support classes in regular schools, or to a school with specific support services.

Enrolment supporting documents

As parents and caregivers you will need to bring these documents to supply the school with the following documents.

For children already enrolled in a NSW public school we only require:

  • proof of your child’s address – originals of different documents such as your council rates notice or residential lease and electricity bill
  • family law or other relevant court orders (if applicable).

If your child has not been previously enrolled in a NSW public school, you will need to bring these documents with you:

  • your child’s birth certificate or identity documents
  • proof of your child’s address – originals of different documents such as your council rates notice or residential lease and electricity bill
  • immunisation history statement based on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR)
  • family law or other relevant court orders (if applicable).

If your child is not a permanent resident you will also need to provide:

  • passport or travel documents
  • current visa and previous visas (if applicable).

It’s important that you tell the principal if your child has any special circumstances, allergies, health or medical conditions, before your child starts school.

Application to enrol form

After your appointment with the school, you may be asked to complete an application to enrol in a NSW public school form and return it to us. The school will notify you of the result of your application. Please note that this form must be completed in English.

Orientation Day

Orientation morning  is a more intimate kind of Open Day for you and your child. Orientations are held in the year before entry and are for children who are starting Kindergarten the following year. This provides our new families and their child with the opportunity to meet other new children and some of our present students and staff. During the Orientation you will be briefed of all aspects of life at Sutton Primary, both academic and extra curricular, so that you are well informed to begin your educational journey with us.

This morning sees your child meet their Senior Buddy who remains with your child for the whole morning. Establishing relationships and building support for your child’s first day at school is an important part of the orientation program. The visiting children then accompany their buddies to the classroom, where they share in a few lessons within the curriculum. During this time, the Principal and school staff will provide you with information about Sutton Primary’s early learning programs and assist you in preparing your child for Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Activity Days

Activity days and experiencing school have been highly successful and are a permanent fixture on the Sutton Primary School calendar. Children enrolled for Kindergarten the following year will be invited to participate in activities at school over several weeks. This helps prepare children and builds confidence and familiarity in the school environment to support their transition to school.

School tours

School tours are taken during normal school hours and as such provide a realistic insight into the true essence and atmosphere of the School. Whilst the students are occupied in classes the School Principal will walk you through our facilities, strengths and unique programs. Please contact the school to arrange a tour.

The first days of school and settling in

All students are warmly welcomed and cared for. New students on arrival for their first day will be met at our School Office. The school staff will meet your child/ren at the office and introduce them to their new school day.

Buddies are appointed to introduce new students and introduce them to other students, especially at recess and lunch times.

Kindergarten students can be walked directly to the Kindergarten room on the first day. Parents are welcome to stay and have coffee and morning tea with other Kindergarten families and parents when children start class.