July 25, 2017

House system

GuiseChildren are placed in one of the three houses during their first weeks at Sutton Primary. Students represent their house in various intra-school events.

Spirit is developed through house meetings, house activity sessions and sports carnivals.

Senior students take a leadership role as House Captains, leading the rest of the school in a number of events.


When the school was originally established in 1871, there were no houses for sporting events. It wasn’t until over a century later, in 1978, that four house groups Moorewere established, taking their names from local identities and localities.


William Guise was a local landowner until his death in 1850. His family was among the largest in the area, and his property ‘Bywong’ was situated 6km north of Sutton.


James Moore was another local landowner, living on the property ‘Jerrabiggery’. He had tried unsuccessfully to establish a school on his land.


Following the discovery of gold at Bywong, a small school existed there from October 1895 – April 1906 to cater for the children of the hopeful miners. As the township faded, the school closed but the locality retains its name.