July 25, 2017

Kindergarten enrolments

Enrolments are accepted for Kindergarten at the beginning of Term 2 in the year before the child is due to start school.  To be eligible for enrolment, children must have turned 5 before 1st August in the year they commence.  To assist with school planning applications should be submitted by October if possible.  When completing an enrolment form, the child’s birth certificate must be sighted by the school office, as well as an immunisation certificate (supplied by Medicare after the 5 year old immunisation is complete) before the commencement of school.

In the second half of each year, a Kindergarten Orientation Day is held when parents have the opportunity to become familiar with the school and the way it operates, and children receive a ‘taste’ of Kindergarten by spending some time with our Kindergarten classes.  Parents are advised by letter of the date and organisation of the Orientation Day.  Transition to school days are held in Term 4 every year.  These days ensure that pre-schoolers are well prepared for their transition into Kindergarten.

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