July 25, 2017


Our aim is to create a love of learning, in an innovative and technologically rich learning environment that provides every student with a range of opportunities for success and self discovery.  Extra-curricular programs provide the opportunity for fun, challenge and leadership beyond the classroom.

Our caring discipline and academic strength are the foundations for developing student self esteem and achieving high academic standards.  Literacy and Numeracy are a focus at all year levels.

At the heart of our School are caring, committed and talented teachers, who are knowledgeable about learning and your child’s education.  They genuinely want to help each child with their personal development and learning. They know that for successful learning, children must feel safe and cared for, have a sense of belonging, and be appreciated as individuals.

At Sutton the education of each child is viewed as a partnership between the teacher, the parent and the child.  This fundamental link with parents throughout a student’s journey at Sutton Primary is fundamental to the achievement of your child’s success. Opportunities exist for parents and grandparents to be involved in learning activities, special events and assemblies.

Special programs are created and implemented to enrich and challenge our most talented students.