July 25, 2017

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Years 3-6 sports programs include the development of the specific skills required for team games and the tactics involved.

In addition, children participate in learning programs to develop skills and fitness to participate in sporting carnivals such as cross country and athletics.

Specialist teachers are employed to enhance the quality of the children’s learning, providing differentiated lessons in both Gymnastics and Dance.

Years 3 – 6 participate in Outdoor Education in a range of facilities across NSW annually.

As an integral components of the sport,  children participate in an annual Learn to Swim programme, providing the opportunity for them to be able to swim at least 25m, as well as Water Safety and Life Saving skills.

Children in Kindergarten to Year 2 also participate in sporting lessons to ensure they gain the necessary gross and fine motor skills.

Personal development programs include: values education, child protection programs, a human sexuality program for Year 6 students and personal development content which is integrated into class studies.