July 25, 2017

Digital technology

Digital technologies play a major role in the teaching and learning at Sutton Primary School.

Every classroom is equipped with an interactive SMART Board or digital projector and these are integral to our quality teaching and learning programs. Every child from Kindergarten to Year 6 can access the latest learning tools and opportunities. Teachers continually update their skills to ensure that they are utilising technology to support student learning and engagement.

The school has computers in every classroom for student use. Additionally Sutton Primary has a computer lab where whole class groups can work and engage in virtual excursions and online learning.

In 2012, primary classes began using the Edmodo social learning platform to enhance student communication, collaboration and learning. It is also a place where students can access homework and parents can check progress and remain informed of class/ school events.

Through the use of technology across all learning levels, students are empowered and connected to their learning in engaging and novel ways. Digital technology gives students great access to learning and greater choice and ownership over their learning.