July 25, 2017

School values

In 2003, students, staff, parents and community members were involved in determining the values of our school. As a result, the shared values our school and community stand for are:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Caring
  • Courage
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Friendship

Positive values relating to education, self and others, and civic responsibilities are reinforced from Kindergarten to Year 6. Such values reflect those attitudes held within the school community.


Sutton Primary School’s value journey officially commenced in 2003, when students and parents compiled lists of values they considered to be important in life. The Student Council then selected the eight most common values above.

Over the years, the journey has continued with the students being encouraged to understand and ‘live’ the qualities found in the values.

Highlights of the journey include:

  • value murals painted by each class (in hall)
  • large value mural and statement (in hall)
  • mobile, showing the rights and responsibilities of each value (in hall)
  • a play ‘The Royal Quest’, which won both state and national awards at the ‘Discovering Democracy Achievement Awards’ and has since been published.
  • a values book, incorporating letters from important leaders, sporting heroes, charities, etc., telling us the values that guide their lives. Responses include those from Prime Ministers, Premiers, the Governor-General, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, John Landy, Ian Thorpe, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Mark Webber and local identities in Sutton.
  • value banners, where students nominate other students who display our values (in hall)
  • the values written in tiles (outside office), on large pencils (playground) and on a tile mural
  • our values of ‘caring’ and ‘friendship’ led us to establish a Special Guest Day where we host an annual visit from the Supported Learning Unit at Queanbeyan Public School