July 25, 2017

Vision Statement

2020 VisionIn this Strategic Plan we reaffirm our commitment to deliver academic excellence. Further, we champion the development of strong values, character and skills to enable each child to be the best that they can be.

This strategic plan has been informed by the feedback of staff, students and parents, through surveys, focus groups and conversations for more than a year. The many past accomplishments of Sutton Primary provide us with a strong foundation upon which we seek to build a future for our students.

This plan has been developed to be broad enough to ensure that it will be relevant over the planning period, yet specific enough to provide tangible guidance. It is designed to ensure our students are provided with an innovative and contemporary environment necessary to achieve the educational goals we have set. Members of the school community are encouraged to read this document in conjunction with the school plan.

A key aspect of this vision is excellence in education, where partnerships with parents are paramount. We had the benefit of wide consultation from the Sutton community in the Strategic Plan’s development and would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has participated in the process.

The strength of any plan, however, is not to be found in its catchy words. Rather, we need to capture the enormous capacity of the Sutton community, as together we seek to nurture the children and young people in our care.

Sutton 2020 Vision

Strategic School Plan 2015-2017 (Revised 2016)